Regula, LLC    Engineering -- Consulting


Regula provides a wide array of technical and business development products and services.


  • Product Design:  Mechanical, electrical, electronic, and software design services to augment your team.
  • Simulation:  Control system modeling and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation using Vissim or Mathworks products.
  • Specification Development:  Procurement/contract specifications for capital equipment and facilities.  Product test specifications for OEM, Tier 1/2/3 suppliers.
  • Design Review / Value Engineering:  Formal/informal product design review and value engineering services; lead your existing team or outsource the entire project.
  • Process Capability Studies:  Conduct studies to establish capability of manufacturing/assembly processes; design of experiment (DOE), equipment variation (EV), gage reproducibility and repeatability (R&R) studies.
  • Equipment Troubleshooting and Root-Cause Analysis:  Investigate source of failures and variation within manufacturing and assembly processes; develop/recommend design and process changes.
  • Instrumentation, Data Acquisition, and Analysis:  Provide equipment and/or services for your product evaluation needs.
  • Machinery Vibration:  Investigation and root-cause analysis of machine vibration problems; development of design or manufacturing process solutions.
  • Seminars / Training:  Conduct in-house or on-site training for OEMs, suppliers, equipment builders, or end-users.


Business Development - Domain Expertise

  • Principal / Agent Introductions:  Locate a qualified agent or a market-leading principal for technical products.  Confidential introductions, assessments, and agreements.
  • Business Plans:  Development and critique of business plans for technology ventures.
  • Market Surveys:  Conduct confidential, third-party market surveys for technical products.
  • Best-Practices and Benchmarking:  Survey and report on industry developments and competitive product positioning.