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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

We have experience with TRW and Lear TPMS implementations and the handheld and line equipment that is necessary to support TPMS in the plant.  There are a number of equipment suppliers offering solutions.  As always, there are pros and cons with each offering; contact us to discuss your needs.

Wheel Alignment


Wheel alignment is a broad and complex topic within a motor manufacturer. It starts with the engineering specifications for the chassis, rolls down to component manufacturers, and is completed in the toe-set pit in the assembly plant. A poorly controlled alignment process can be very expensive -- everything from warranty complaints for pulls and leads to recalls for excessive tire wear. Alignment complaints are consistently in the “top-10” of all warranty problems. The process performance bar gets raised year upon year by increasing expectations of chassis design engineers and customers alike.


A sound alignment process needs to encompass the following elements:


  • Capable Equipment
  • Controlled Presets
  • Trained Operators
  • Compensation for Vehicle/Equipment Interaction
  • Consistent Drive Audits
  • Process Feedback

Roll/Brake Test and Electrical Check-out


Roll/brake testing should be an integral part of every vehicle manufacturers’ quality strategy. In combination with an electronic check-out system (ECOSi, DVT), it forms the test bed for a whole host of final quality checks of cars and trucks. Regula is the source for roll/brake testing expertise – design, process, and specs for all platforms: low-speed, dynamic, cradle-roll, large-roll.


The Electrical/Electronic Check-Out System is the hardware and software platform that resides at the roll/brake test booth. The test process specification and validation are critical to building high customer satisfaction and delivering high marks on initial quality audits. Regula can assist OEMs and equipment suppliers with any phase of the project.