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Dynamometers (dynos) are found widely throughout the automotive industry.  In their simplest form, they are power absorbers used to load-up an engine after rebuild – in their most sophisticated, 4WD chassis or powertrain dynos with multiple absorbers and real-time controls to simulate the driving environment.

End-users are faced with the challenges of specifying, building, and then running a simulation facility.  After the facility is commissioned, then they face the task of understanding the equipment, its capabilities and limitations, and how to accurately simulate the road load environment.  These tasks were once only a problem for the vehicle manufacturers; now this testing has been thrust on the Tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers – all without the background or staff to be effective.

Equipment suppliers are faced with similar problems.  Sophisticated users demand greater levels of simulation accuracy.  It’s not enough that the rollers turn and that the equipment doesn’t break down.

Years of experience have proven that the odds of success improve by starting with a solid procurement specification; using project management; understanding the scope-of-supply of all parties; and then training all of the stakeholders.

Regula can help every one of the players in this scenario – assist equipment suppliers realize their next development, help end-users understand the nuances of the specification and procurement process, or conduct seminars on various applications.