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Here are some examples of areas where Regula has extensive experience.  Please click on the links below for additional information.



Measurement System Engineering

The key to solving any problem is understanding the causes of observed phenomena -- and the first step is stable, reliable measurements.



Dynamometers (dynos) are an essential tool in automotive development and product validation activities. Dynos are used in test laboratories, proving grounds, and manufacturing/assembly plants to evaluate performance and durability of engines, transmissions, powertrain systems, and complete vehicles.



The final line in a typical automotive assembly plant includes the area known as “end-of-line.” This part of the plant is filled with processes that rely on big, expensive pieces of capital equipment – roll/brake testing, electrical/electronic check-out systems, wheel alignment, and headlamp aim. Our experience spans all aspects of these processes; everything from process specification and validation, through equipment design and build, and ending with startup and field troubleshooting.


Process Investigation

Products are built, tested, and inspected with processes – processes that must be repeatable and capable. Frequently the test and inspection process must be as rigorously designed as the product itself. The product design and the process design can interact, making root-cause solution of problems difficult. Here Regula can help debug existing evaluation processes or start with a clean sheet and specify new ones.